GRYPP Cargol Turn & Go Kit Road Bike/Car

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Cargol Turn & Go is a unique emergency puncture repair system which can be carried with you and usually takes no more thantwo minutes to use.Every Cargol puncture repair tool is designed for ease of use and ismade up of a fibre reinforced nylon bung with an insertion point and atoric spiral and a handle big enough to make screwing in a doddle.The manufacturer recommends that emergency repairs should bechecked by a professional and that you should not travel at more than50mph on an emergency repaired tyre.An essential kit for making repairs or just to inflate a tyre prior torepairing it. Comes with a marker, pliers, 4 Cargol puncture repairtools, a valve adaptor and a protective sleeve to use with the four 16gCO2 cylinders, 4 valve caps and a cloth carry bag