Keis Battery Pack & Charger 5200 mAh

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12V 5200mAh Li-Ion battery pack and charger. Suitable for all keis dual-power products.

Available with a wall plug charger – either for UK or Multinational plugs (select your preference).

Detailed Product Info


  • 12V Keis Portable Li-Ion Battery Packs suitable for all Keis Dual-Power products.
  • 5200mAh capacity.
  • LED Capacity monitor.
  • The battery pack can also be used to charge or power USB devices.
  • Complete with 110/240v charger equipped with integral LED Status Monitor. (available in UK/Multinational Versions)

Weights and Dimensions:

  • 5200 - H.14cm x W.7.5cm x D.2.2cm
    360 grams

Please Note: Charger type may vary according to market. Please select your chosen charger type.

Please Note: This battery is too large to fit within the inside battery pocket of all various models of Keis Vest or Keis Bodywarmer. Some garments only feature a small pocket is designed for the smaller 2600mAh battery. Please check with the retailer. 
If your chosen garment only has a small battery pocket, this 5200mAh battery and the 5200mAh battery pack and charger comes with a free convenient carry pouch that can be strapped around the waist. Always remove li-ion battery packs from garments when not in use.