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Keis Premium Heated Sports Gloves
Keis Premium Heated Sports Gloves
Keis Premium Heated Sports Gloves
Keis Premium Heated Sports Gloves
Keis Premium Heated Sports Gloves
Keis Premium Heated Sports Gloves
Keis Premium Heated Sports Gloves
Keis Premium Heated Sports Gloves
Keis Premium Heated Sports Gloves

Keis Premium Heated Sports Gloves

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The NEW winter G502 Premium Heated SPORT Glove, with 100 gsm 3M Thinsulate TM, is designed specifically for motorcycling in cold weather, and is fully certified to the new EU PPE Regulation 13594:2015.

These gloves would suit the rider who enjoys riding throughout the cold winter months.

This heated glove has been created with very good feel of the controls and dexterity, but with the added benefit of a micro carbon fibre heating panel across the back of the hands, and over the top of the fingers. This glove features a thicker layer of 3M Thinsulate to keep good warmth distribution throughout the glove, especially across the back of the hand and the fingers, and the quality protection achieved from carbon-fibre knuckle protection..

Using the latest technology in heat generation, the G502 gloves can be powered from a 12V vehicle battery or one of our optional Battery Packs (Which are available in 2 sizes), or the specially designed Glove Batteries what fit into the cuff pocket of each glove.

The Keis Apparel Micro Carbon Fibre heating system enjoys a Lifetime Warranty, for complete peace of mind.


Detailed Product Info


  • Independent, integral heat controller, positioned on the back of the wrist for easy operation when riding - whether you prefer to wear your gloves under or over your jacket sleeve cuffs.
  • Carbon Fibre hard armour across the knuckles 
  • NEW Carbon Fibre Scaphoid guard, for maximum protection to the palm
  • Visor Wipe positioned on the left index finger.
  • C100 (100gsm) 3M Thinsulate™ and Hipora™ waterproof membrane for premium water and wind protection
  • Conforms to the latest European PPE Directive EN 13594:2015, so you can be confident in their protective qualities. Read the PPE instructions here. 
    Please note: All personal protective equipment in Europe must clearly show whether they comply with the current PPE regulation via a label. A label showing 'CE approval' does not mean they are certified.  
  • The G502 gloves also feature a glove battery pocket built into the glove cuff. This provides the feature of being able to power the gloves via the optional portable glove batteries (one in each glove cuff battery pocket). See Keis Lithium Batteries for details.
  • Current Draw 1.6A. Typical Power 19.2W.
  • Available in sizes  5 (XXXS), 6 (XXS), 7 (XS), 8 (S), 9 (M), 10 (L), 11 (XL), 12 (XXL), 13 (XXXL).


  • G502 Premium Heated Armoured Gloves
  • Glove Y Lead
  • Motorcycle Connection Lead
  • Instructions
Voltage: 12V
Approx. Current: 1.6A
Typical Power: 19.2W
Shell: Nylon and Leather
Lining: 100% Polyester

Please Note: All our Gloves come complete with everything required to power them independently.  However, our Heated Vests and Bodywarmers incorporate integrated power sockets specifically to power Keis Heated Gloves using optional connection leads: Part No W54-370100 needed. Our Keis Heated Jacket will also power our Heated Gloves via a lead in the sleeves.

The G502 Premium Heated Armoured Gloves come with the vehicle supply lead to power from a 12V motorcycle battery but can also be powered using our optional Keis Lithium Batteries so you can use the gloves away from a motorcycle in other outdoor activities. This is an optional extra. 



Failure to strictly observe the instructions supplied can result in burns, serious injury or death. Ensure a correct fit.  DO NOT use tight fitting gloves. DO NOT use for prolonged periods particularly at high power and/or at temperatures above 5°C. ALWAYS use the lowest possible setting for comfort. DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY at any sense of discomfort.  Check product and cables regularly for signs of fatigue. If you use the gloves with the optional Portable Glove Battery Pack, always remove li-ion battery packs from garments when not in use. Not recommended for children, pregnant women or those with a heart condition. More information can be found in the instruction manual supplied. DO NOT allow the garment to remain in precisely the same position on any part of the body (particularly hands) for periods of more than 20 minutes. Always ensure that there is sufficient movement to reposition the heating panels on the body to some extent to help avoid localised overheating. Blistering of the skin can occur if this warning is not heeded.

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