Knox Hand Armour Handroid MK4 Leather Gloves

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Type: Gloves


Every inch of the Handroid MK4 has been redesigned from the ground up, making the flagship Knox gloves one of the most protective in the business. We're usually all about the understated look, but the Handroids look undeniably cool. 

Firstly you will notice the revised exo skeleton which looks like it escaped from the set of a dark sci-fi movie. Its primary function is to provide hardcore finger and metacarpal protection in the event of a fall or smash. Knox have also developed what they call their Scaphoid Protection System, or SPS for short. The scaphoid, found at the base of your wrist, is one of the most commonly broken bones in motorcycle accidents. This comes down to the fact it is instinct to put your hands out in a fall and as soon as your wrist grips the floor it will over-extend and cause a break - just ask Stoner, Lorenzo and Bayliss to name a few. With the help of these sliders the Handroid allows the wrist to slide without gripping the tarmac, therefore preventing this common break. The Handroid MK4 achieves full CE stamp of approval guaranteeing the level of protection they offer. 

Another outstanding feature of the Handroid is its popular BOA closure system which means Knox are able to delete the typical wrist strap altogether. Made from aircraft grade stainless steel this closure system will give the rider a more tailored seal when compared to traditional velcro fasteners for a better overall fit and security. The clicking ratchet system is also immensely satisfying to do up. It also means that the wrist gets hugged from all sides and protected by the sturdy sides of the cuff

Knox use Kangaroo leather which is super supple yet strong, so even with its reassuring safety systems in place the Handroid still gives you an excellent feel for your bike's controls. Motorcycle gloves don't get much more protective than this!

  • All Black
  • Exo-Skeleton finger spines and metacarpal protection 
  • BOA Closure system 
  • MICRO-LOCK armour 
  • Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) 
  • Kangaroo leather construction